Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blog # 10 : )( :

I learned a lot from this class I will carry on with me from college to life. Some things that I learned are very simple things while some are complex. I learned the whole concept of CD/TS from Ms. Peters. This paragraph system helps the writer to organize his/her thoughts and to correctly cite in the paragraph they are writing.  All CD sentence should be cited correctly and this will help with the confusion of when to cite. The TS and CS of this system are bent to be transitions sentences that will help move on to the next paragraph. With transitions it is easy to use old information into new information and this will help fill in the space. In each paragraph there should be a topic sentence.
With writing the writer can run into many errors some of this can be fixed with the task of read the paper or assignment that is being done out loud.  When writing a paper o a computer using the software Microsoft Word, many people take good use of the spelling checker but this feature is not perfect because it was made by a human and humans are not perfect. It is very easy to find run-ons and such in this way. Writing a paper can be done in many different ways and when citing a paper there are many different ways of doing this in the correct way too, examples are MLA, APA, ect. All of these can be found at the owl website.  In a paper the use of the word you, or a word pertaining to the same idea, is very hurtful to the people that end up reading it. To make reading more entertaining to the reader and enriched the paper in general, the writer should use active verbs.
If I need help, there are many people in this world that can help me. I have my teachers, peers of mine, library people at many different libraries in my area, and even online. I want to remember all of the information that I learned in this class not only to help me but others would struggle with writing. I have always struggled with write and the people who I have asked to help me in the past always act like they have a clue on what the subject is about but I found out that not everyone is gifted with the skills of writing and such. I want to have the chance to help my skills so I can intern help others when I graduate from wherever I happen to attend college next.
My dream: I have always wanted to write a book not a long book but a really short one, I don’t want to get it published or anything I have just always wanted to do it because I would like to accomplish that in my life. I would like to just for the fact I could do it. And now that I have learned about writing in a deeper way I feel I am a little closer to that dream. I have taken 3 English classes so far at WCC (including this one) and so far I haven’t learned anything that helped my writing skills except the concepts I learned from this class and that stupid book you gave us. I wish someone gave it to a lot sooner it would have helped a lot. LOL. Thank you I learned a lot and the knowledge I gained, I will never forget.

Blog # 9

 We have learned many things in this class. The goal of; Engage a topic in which the student explores writing as a means of self-discovery, establishes a voice appropriate to the topic selected and rhetorical context, and produces a text that is designed to persuade the reader of the student’s commitment(4), for this class was very rewarding. We got the chance to use creativity and express our self by using a blog. For me, it was the first time I have done something like this on the internet. It was even hard for me to keep a dairy as a kid. The blog helped the students of the class and I to achieve this goal in an appropriate way.
I have never been taught the correct way of doing research correctly so that the author will get credit. The goal of; Understand the process of research, both in the library and through electronic media, and develop effective research strategies (6), helped me a lot and will keep helping throughout my career as a student and beyond. I learned how to effectively find a good website because of its credentials and such. I enjoyed doing the argument paper because it gave me a challenge. At the moment I am not sure how I did, but I hope I did well. We also learned this in the critical analyze because we need to cite what we used from sources which I forgot to do and will be fixing to get a better grade.
At first when I read this goal; Recognize the importance of writing as essential to inquiry, learning, thinking, communicating, life-long learning, and as a career skill(10), I pondered on it for a moment because I never wrote anything down unless it had to do with school, for a grade. I thought if maybe everyone in history only did this we would not have such an enriched civilization that we have today. Writing is very important for everyone young and old. I think that writing defends what we are, have been, and what might be. Writing has always been around in some form.
One of the most important things I learned helped meet this goal; Utilize various invention, drafting, and revising/editing strategies to meet the purposes of different writing situations, materials available to the student, and length of time available for the task(3). Before writing a paper the writer needs to make an outline so they can map out what they want to cover in there writing. In post-English class, when I got an assignment of an outline I always waited until the paper was complete then write the detailed outline. I learned that the outline is to help the writer not to help the students’ grade go up. I learned many ways to draft out an outline for a paper and how to “free write” so I can get ideas of my paper.
 We used this goal for a lot of papers; Select, evaluate, and interact effectively with sources, subordinating them to the student’s purpose and creating confidence that the sources have been fairly represented and acknowledged with academic integrity, particularly in summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting statements or reproducing audio-visual materials (7). If I am recalling correctly I believe that every paper that we wrote in class was helping us to evaluate and to fairly represent the author in an appropriate way. The main paper that comes to mind is the paper that we wrote with another student from the class. I thought that was a good paper to start out with, with another student we learned to positively share what we evaluated and we could see what we missed from another point of view.

Blog # 8

My research paper is going okay I think. I am not done but I have the key components in it. What I did is wrote all of the things that I wanted to put in my paper from my sources then I cited them so I knew where they came from and such. After I did this is was simple to relate the facts and such together. I used the CD/TS paragraph system to the best of my ability for this paper because it is my first time to write a paper that I only need to write the side I agree with. At first I was confused but then I talked to you and I got the concept a lot better.
Problems: Not knowing how to start my paper, I and not sure how to transition from one paragraph to another, I am not sure if it is well structured at the end
Good Things: All citing is good, I have my work cited page final done J

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog #7

Humor to me has many different definitions that not everyone will agree with because, I think, humor is different for everyone.  Humor to me is a trait that something/someone can be described to have.  Depending who is around me I will determine on how I want to laugh. If it is very, very supper funny then I can’t control my laugh because it is too funny. Some people don’t learn to have or accept humor so you have to be careful on whom you “react” around. I thought the cocaine was funny but some people will think that wasn’t at all funny just stupid and was the right thing to do. I think that every person is born with laughter and life and some people are raised by people who have lost this trait and they then will lose that trait and so on and so fourth. Many people have a hard time to keep there “Laugh” but with the world being so sad it is hard to now a days.
Style can be used for everything that anybody does. Style is the way you do something. I think style is mostly used in the style of writing, music, and clothing. But I believe it can be used to describe anything like walking, talking, and even living. With writing there can be many styles not only in the  way the font looks but in the way it is put in sentances. I would say I have a unique style of writing and sometimes I borrow other peoples’ sytle because it is the correct way to write in english standard. I put in my style as much as I can but sometimes the teachers want the style in a certain way so I am limted to what I can doand create.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog #6

My critical Analysis paper sucked. My paper was written very poorly. I was just wanted to get it done so then I could know what I need to improve on and so I have a grade in the grade book because even though I am behind I am really trying. I wasn’t 100% sure on how to go about this paper. I decided to go with the easy route and talk about immaturity that is shown throughout the movie. I through it would be easy because it seems like it is the main issue in the movie that is stressed. I had trouble with technique because I wasn’t really sure on how to put the topics I was talking about in order because some happened throughout the movie multiple times. I also tried to sort it by person at first, each paragraph by itself seemed liked it was written well but when you read them as a paper it was very confusing and didn’t make since. If a person who knew this movie by heart tried to read my paper they wouldn’t understand what I was trying to do.
I didn’t like how I was unsure on what to write. Normally when I have a topic to write on after a while it just comes to me and an okay C paper comes to me. But for this paper I have been stuck on what to write on for almost a week and a half. I know that everyone in the class did well on how they went about their papers so I shouldn’t be complaining but I think this was probably the most challenging paper I had to write so far in my writing career but research papers do not count. At the moment I really don’t have anything that I like about it I am glad that it got finished but that is about it.
I am hoping to still have time to attempt a second try on this paper. I will get a lot of advice from my teacher because I know this paper is really bad and she is majored in English so it shouldn’t be too hard for her. I will probably start my second try from scratch, with a whole new outlook and outline. I think I might still use some of examples from my original paper. I think to make my paper more effect in the length wise I could compare and contrast or use my examples along with ways the person matured after the fact. I think I would keep the examples because it is the movie so that can’t change but I won’t keep anything else because it sucked as I said before.

Blog #5

I thought for my first take at the paper I did an okay job. I think I could have used any kind of verb to help my paper not be as plain. I forgot about verb usage I think if I when back and added a few good long verbs my paper would have make the length requirement.
 I think I did well in stay on topic by summarizing the paper while explaining how the article was written effectively or not. My opinion is in the paper and I did this by use the filling-the-space technique you showed us in class. I also think that I should have focused a little bit more on grammar, spelling, and such.  I was in a rush to get the paper done and forgot to at least reread it and some sentences probably didn’t come out that well.

***Do I need to post my revised Evaluation Summary here too???

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Research Paper Free Write: Blog #4

I used to like to knit but haven’t in a long time, so I’m still a beginner. I am not in any organizations. I don’t play in any sports I was going to take the P.E. volleyball class but in the description it says you need to be experienced and although I played in middle school I really don’t know what I’m doing. So I like volleyball and like to watch some other sports sometimes. My friends and I don’t talk about any issues. I don’t have cable or such so I don’t really watch the news daily. Once in a great, great while I read some articles on yahoo or goggle and I check the weather on my phone. I read the newspaper when I am bored and my cousin leaves it around the house. I like to read about “stars” problems and issues in the area. I like magazines about “stars” and I love magazines about cooking and baking and stories about people changing their life and wanted to help other people. I do care about the world like global warming and I want to travel to different parts of the world.
Movies are my boredom saver. I own many Disney, comedy, and older movies. I watch movies before I go to bed, while I clean my room, and when I do my homework (but not when I am reading).  At my house we have a lot of movie nights we watch action and major military movies like Full Metal Jacket. When I visit my cousin, I watch a lot of cooking shows and sometimes I can watch NCSI, Law & Order, and other shows like that. Also when visiting my cousin, we have chick flick movie nights and we have lots of fun. I never bought any DVD because they aren’t cheap but have bought a lot on eBay. I have bought a lot on eBay mostly DVD and items that are Xbox 360 related. I bought an Xbox 360 and such because I have always wanted one and my brother has one and we always have talked about battling each other online. Since school has started up for both of us I having played as much as he would like (LaughativeKrisy = gamertag). Music is also a big part of my life I don’t listen it to as much as I used to but I listen to it on my computer, when I do the lawn, and when I go on a walk and of course when I’m in the car. I recently (three days ago) bought a car it’s a Nissan Sentara and I like it a lot and cleaned it today.
I go to school Thursday nights, Friday mornings, and all day Saturday (9-12 & 1-5) and soon I will be starting as a class on Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon-ish it is a P.E. class so it will be easy and I can lose some weight. I got a job near the beginning of the summer at Aldis and work there about 2-3 days a week and in a good week I can get up to 4 1/2 days : )
The only thing I could think that I could write anything about is problem of court system, how men don’t get fair rights on child visits and such. I hear about this issue because my cousin, who I live with, had a child and had some issues will seeing his daughter when she got into her teens and then with his second daughter he battled for a long time to see her and played lots of money for child support and court fee and never won the battle. I guess that I could really talk about anything since I really don’t do anything in my life yet.